Can I be Humble?

I’ve heard many definitions of humility. Some say that if you  think you have it you don’t. But humility is not as simple as denying achievements. Some thirteen years ago I heard Rod Denton, then pastor of Clovercrest Baptist Church in Adelaide make the comment that “humility attracts the presence of God.” So if this is true, which I believe it is, we need to know what humility is and  learn how to be humble by seeking out what a humble lifestyle looks like rather than avoiding the issue altogether.

In his book “Humilitas” John Dickson says “Humility is the noble choice to forgo your status, deploy your resources or use your influence for the good of others before yourself” (p24). So it is possible to identify what humility looks like in others and even in ourselves, and to be comfortable with being a humble person.

When we look at Jesus we see that he was humble in so many ways. He always gave his power and influence for the benefit of the people God was trying to reach. He always gave glory to his father in heaven & was never drawing attention to himself deliberately. He was able to do this because his identity was firmly founded in the Father and not in what he did for others. This is the essence of the Christian life. We are not in the behavior modification business, we are in fact in the identity recovery business. Identity will change behavior, but behavior will not give you identity.

When we are comfortable with our identity we are able to use what gifts and abilities and influence we have for the benefit of others joyfully.  Then when we are thanked to be comfortable to give the glory to God in all we do. Our response when thanked is to say “thank you”. That’s all we need.  Then our sense of thankfulness to the Father increases as we see him working through us for the benefit of others.

I pray you find what it means to live the humble life God has for you.


Ps. Dave.


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