Whats our role in a Movement of God?

I have heard a lot of Pastors talking about how God is moving at the moment in worship services or through healing or salvation’s.  It is exciting to hear about this but also to be a part of it. When you hear of the same experience happening across a number of churches, regardless of denomination then we had better take note.

Our default position is usually to look at what we are doing and say that it must be because of our prayer or faithfulness or mission activity or obedience that God is moving. And while these things are important, they in and of themselves are just the normal expression of a godly life. Taken to the logical conclusion we can think that it is our effort that makes these things happen. This becomes a works mentality if we are not careful.

Rather than think this way I have been challenged by God to believe that he is the author and director of any movement that he wants to do in His Kingdom. He asks us to pray, to be obedient etc not to make these things happen, but rather so that we can keep up and be a part of what he is doing. Rather than trying to control the work of God we are keeping up with him so that he can use us for the plans he has for the expansion of his kingdom.

Its important to be obedient to what the Father is asking of us, but it is also important to get the correct perspective on the part we play in his Kingdom. We are partners with him, he however is the initiator and author of all the good things that happen in the Kingdom of God.

Bless ya heaps,

Dave Paroz

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